SOTU Factcheck was updated in real-time during President Obama's 2015 SOTU address on January 20.

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See our original prototype, based on the 2013 address. (Note: It has mixed performance on mobile devices).

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No fact gets away.
Go big or go home.

Other fact checkers pick and choose what they check. We'll examine every fact, big or small. We'll highlight them — in the context of the full transcript — according to how true they are (red=false, green=true, etc). If we can't check any given fact, we'll explain why.

Don't take our word for it. See for yourself.

Click on a fact to see the analysis that supports our truth rating. We'll include context and info graphics when possible for you to explore and use to come to your own conclusions.

Journalism's Super Bowl. Done right.

No role of journalism is more important than keeping powerful people accountable. No one is more powerful than POTUS, whose bully pulpit is never louder than on SOTU address night.